Specialised Services Joanna Zielińska

ul. Europejska 83
62-500 Konin

+48 608 256 312


TAX ID 6652738054

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Specialised Services Joanna Zielińska company, Konin 62-500, ul. Europejska 83 is the administrator of the personal data.
We process the personal data only to provide reply to the questions of our clients. We are legally authorised to process the personal data in order to communicate. The clients’ personal data will be processed only to provide a reply and later they can be processed until the claims are expired. Your consent to the personal data is voluntary and necessary to provide our reply. Any individual may claim access to their personal data including their correcting, deleting or restricting of their use. Clients may also lodge a complaint to the supervising authorities against their data processing or transfer.